Black Cat Artworks

Elaine and Bill Snell, married and with backgrounds in the art s and textile machinery,  work as a team create their metal artwork in Greenville S.C.

Most of Elaine and Bill’s work to date has been done using natural mild steel and a plasma cutter. A piece begins with an idea and sketches that explore form, composition, and detail. As the idea is refined, the sketches are combined into a single line drawing that ultimately becomes the pattern for the final piece. The intricate detail that characterizes their work must be carefully planned in advance to survive the intense heat of the cutting process. Too fine and the detail simply burns away, too coarse and the delicacy is lost. It is maintaining this balance between the material and the torch that shapes the final piece. Each designs fiery origins are left very much in evidence, giving each piece a unique appearance. Each piece is hand finished and coated with an acrylic clear coat.

Although many of the artworks focus on an intricate silhouette, some pieces are ground to a shiny finish and painted with vibrant transparent colors to create a fantastic reflective surface. All pieces are recommended for indoor use only.