Blue Eagle Pottery

Blue Eagle Pottery

The incredible ceramics of Blue Eagle Pottery have been crafted by hand for more than thirty years. Thirty-six wonderful years as of 2020. The vision of Robert Blue and Susan Galloway is like the year 2020. Focused on creating beautiful shapes, colors, and functional Ceramics. Each Piece created is meant to work as intended.

The couple hails from Woodstock. Not the Woodstock of sixties fame. There is a Woodstock in Illinois. Fifty miles northwest of Chicago, a population of twenty-five thousand. The town of Woodstock, Illinois has Historic Landmarks and Beauty enough to inspire any Artisan.

Making things from clay requires exacting science. You need manual dexterity. Incredible hand strength, and artistic vision. This married couple seems to have an abundance of all of this. 

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Robert Blue and Susan Galloway, the creators of Blue Eagle Pottery

Bob and Susan like to use a stoneware clay. Stoneware ranges from a buff white to a gray color. Stoneware is elastic clay. This is good to form into unique and usable shapes. It fires at a high temperature with little shrinkage. This makes it ideal for use in Bowls, Casserole Dishes, Teapots, Plates, Cups, and more. Stoneware is perfect with many glaze techniques. This allows the use of an array of colors, thicknesses, and techniques. All to achieve beautiful and desirable results.

Bob Blue loves to use "Oil Spot" Glazing. Different colors of Navy and Blue glazes bubble away from each other when fired. This creates beautiful patterns of spots across the surface. The best part of their "Blue Glaze" is the color that matches Robert's last name, Blue.

Robert and Susan use a series of color glazes referred to as "Soft White". Matte finish glazes that are clear white like the clay. They are mixed with splashes of wonderful colors. This makes the dishes look like a sunset. Sometimes like a desert scene. Even like a mirage. These two glaze colors are the specialty of their clay studio. They have used and perfected this for years.

Bob and Susan's History

Robert "Bob" Blue started hand throwing pottery in 1967 more than fifty years ago. Susan began her love affair with pottery in 1969.  Remember the mention of Woodstock? A perfect coincidence. After a long love affair with clay, they fell in love with each other. They married in 1982. Then started working together right away. They worked to build their Studio and Gallery in 1983. 

The Studio opened in 1984 and the Gallery opened in 1986. Their love of clay and their love of each other produced more beautiful creations. Shannon in 1988 and Alex in 1990. Susan is a founding member of The Clay Workers Guild of Illinois. Bob and Susan have ninety plus years of experience. Working in the art and science of Ceramics.

Their Ceramic Pottery Collection

The artists’ work embodies all that they love about the process and the results. Bob and Susan's love showing the skill and the insight of years of experience. They display respect for each step. Loving the materials they both use fluidly and beautifully. 

Susan likes to use a Gas Fired Reduction kiln. Bob likes to use both Gas fired and Oxidation fired Electric kilns. The results are wonderful. Each result is different. Making each pot functional everyday pottery. They use Stoneware clay for its elastic qualities and density. Other stoneware qualities are low porousness. Stoneware has a large variety of usable glazes. 

All their handmade creations are lead-free glazes. Crafted in many functional shapes. Bowls of all sizes. Ice Cream Size to Serving Bowl Size. Several types of Plates for Dinner, for Sandwiches, for Salads, and for Cookies. Chip and Dip Servers for your next party. Vases for your Favorite Flowers. Casserole Dishes to cook your favorite Family Recipe.

All the pottery is Microwave, Dishwasher and Food Safe. Each piece is functional in the Oven. Remember NOT to preheat the oven. Warm everything up at the same time. This prevents temperature shock to the ceramic.  Warm your Mugs before putting boiling water in them.

Every single piece of Pottery created at Blue Eagle Pottery is a beautiful Art Piece. Meant to cherish. Bob and Susan would love it if you would make it your everyday dishes. Kitchen, Dinner, and Partyware.