Blue Eagle Pottery

Robert Blue and Susan B. Galloway, a husband and wife team, work in a studio just outside Woodstock, Illinois.They were married in 1982, and began building their studio and gallery in 1983.The studio became operational in 1984, and the gallery opened two years later in Franklinville, Illinois.Their love of pottery is evident in their work. Bob has been working with clay since 1967 and Susan since 1969.

"Our work embodies skill, insight, and respect for both the material and process. It is useful in the kitchen, on the table, or as an accent to decor. The warmth and beauty crafted into each pot will touch those who use it. Its artistry functions best through daily use, through intimate acquaintance. All functional ware has been tested for safe use in a dishwasher, or microwave, and can be used in the oven with proper care, but is not recommended for direct heat (stove-top). Each piece is lead free, non-toxic, unique, and hand crafted."