HTY Jewelry

My love of jewelry started at early age. I loved to play with my mother's jewelry. I was drawn to the fun geometric shapes and the bold colors, especially the 80's clip resin earrings. Years later, I began to collect my own jewelry when I was in college. As a maker, I was fascinated with the idea of making my own jewelry and fortunately in 2006 I was introduced to Beginning Metals and Jewelry class in my junior year. As soon as I held that jeweler's saw in my hand, I knew I had found my calling.

Through the years, the style of my work has been shifting from literal context to a more abstract and organic aesthetics, and its emphasizing on the relationship between the jewelry and the wearer. The majority of my jewelry is designed for confident and sophisticated metropolitan women, it conveys the symphony of bold colors, organic forms, gemstones, wearability, and artistic instincts.