Megan Auman

"You need jewelry that makes a statement but is easy enough to wear every day.  You need pieces that make you feel fantastic every time you put them on.  Something that reflects your confidence and strength.  A kind of armor that helps you tackle your day, every day.

Trained as a metalsmith, but always inspired by fashion and textiles, I'm constantly thinking about how the right accessories can change not only our look, but our mood and our attitude."

Megan Auman works predominantly in steel, forming each element and link by hand from wire, then torch welding each joint. Other welded metals, including silver and bronze, are sometimes used to add variety and contrast to her designs.

Megan Auman received a BFA in metals from Syracuse University and an MFA in metals and jewelry from Kent State University. While studying at Kent, Auman developed a love for working with steel and torch welding, which led to the development of her current line.