Millefiore Glass Teapot
Millefiore Glass Teapot
Paul Counts Glass

Millefiore Glass Teapot

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Whimsical, colorful glass teapot sports millefiore and cane work to create abstract flower shapes. Multiple shades of blue, red, yellow, green and silver cover the body and accent  the elaborately shaped handles.

Cane refers to rods of glass with color; these rods can be simple, containing a single color, or they can be complex and contain strands of one or several colors to use in creating intricate, often spiral, patterns and stripes for vessels or other blown glass objects.

Cane is also used to make murrine; thin discs cut from the cane in cross-section that are also added to blown or hot-worked objects. A form of murrine glasswork is millefiore (“thousand flowers”), in which many murrine with a flower-like or star-shaped cross-section are fused to the surface of a vessel.


Perfect display only gift for a tea lover or teapot collector or a Fine Blown Glass collector!

Approx 9" X 8"

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