The Sweetheart  Box
The Sweetheart  Box
Riccio Artifacts

The Sweetheart Box

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 A bronze treasure chest of romance,  layered in sentiment, depicting the many facets of being in love. In the style of Art Nouveau; a slender profile, flowing curves and woven shapes, all of which ripple with emotion. Crowning the lid, roses and forget-me-nots are thoughtful gestures of courtship. Under the lid, two hearts nestle together in a bed of ivy, a symbol of longevity. The inner floor of the box shimmers with delicate flowers, soft breezes and doves, representing that mystical euphoric sensation which overrides reason. The underside is primal, laced with anatomical motifs which work their way up the back and mesh symbolically with the lid.  An orchid displays its sensuality.

The box contains only one item. It is a delicate key for a special heart. The crown is a pair of concentric hearts and LOVE is spelled in its teeth.

Lost wax casting involving carving an image in wax, creating a mold with steel and plaster. Heating the mold in a furnace causes the wax to melt and run out-therefore "lost" The empty cavity is filled with molten metal.  After cooling, the mold is cut away and the object polished.

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