Stefanie Wolf Designs

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Stefanie Wolf has been attracted to shiny, colorful objects since her rock collection days as a kid. After leaving her corporate cubicle to regroup and rejuvenate, she found jewelry making to be a good source of healthy creative expression. She soon started selling her jewelry to help fund a graduate education in psychology, and with her degree behind her in 2004, decided to pursue the business of adornment full time.

Now Stefanie Wolf Designs is a growing business, where each piece of jewelry is handcrafted in her studio on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, MA. A year-round resident of the island, Stefanie draws inspiration for her vibrant pieces from the power and beauty of the ocean, the magic of island life, and the energy of the stones and beads she incorporates in her designs. When she’s not creating jeweled treasures, she can be found in or around the water with her husband and daughter. Stefanie has no formal art training. Her keen sense of color and proportion, combined with a simple yet sophisticated eye for design make her designs successful.