Zelda's Fine Arts

My name is Cynthia Schiff and as an artist and I go by the name Zelda. Why Zelda? It is because of a beautiful friend of mine by the name of Vince Soma. Vince was a musician friend of my husband who was, for lack of better words, a "crusty old musician". He was mad at the world. When he saw me, however, he always had a warm loving happy smile, and he called me "his Zelda". He called me that for years and I grew to love the name because of Vince. Little did I know Vince had cancer and that  he had decided to keep it a secret. I am sorry to say he died without me ever even knowing he was even sick, and I never got to say goodbye. I was devastated that my loving Vince had died. So, because of my love for Vince Soma, I decided to keep the name Zelda. I am Zelda and I am an artist, "Welcome to my Fused Glass." 

When I met my husband he was a musician and I expected him to do things with me and in a loving way he told me I needed to find a hobby because he needed to practice. So I went on a quest to find something that would keep me busy. First project was macramé. I made many things, even a chair. I got burnt out on that as you only can tie so many knots. I went to stained glass. I found I could not get the proper money for the amount of work that was involved. Onward the quest, until I discovered pottery and sculpture. This was something that I could do to make some extra money and I really enjoyed it. 

Then one day I meet a woman who invited me to try her glass fusing class. I did. I was instantly hooked. I took to it like a duck to water and I could even use my pottery skills to make molds to melt the glass over my pieces. Fused glass is my new passion. I hope you enjoy the pieces here.

Love Zelda