Zen Art and Design

With our hand designed, wooden jigsaw puzzle product lines, our mission is to make unique, inspiring, heirloom quality, artisanal wooden jigsaw puzzles at affordable, mainstream prices using eco-friendly materials. From raw materials to retail packaging and beyond, we strive to be pioneers in eco-friendly craftsmanship and artistic creativity while pricing our puzzles at competitive prices. The first step in our jigsaw puzzle production process is to search the world for images rich in color, composition, perspective, and vibrancy. Once we find or create an image, we produce a giclee print of it with archival ink on archival paper, using state-of-the-art, wide-format printers. We then dry-mount it onto Birch wood; cut it into hundreds of tricky pieces; and package it with a title sticker that gives an indication of the size and difficulty of the puzzle. In designing our puzzles, we honor the rich history of the wooden jigsaw puzzle; adhering to the traditional folk cut style of rows and columns. We try to make each puzzle a clever, cohesive collective of individually interesting, attractive pieces that have both spacial uniformity and intricate detail. We are particular about the figurals included in our puzzles, as their wonderful, endearing element is offset by the greater ease in the assembly of the puzzle.