Amethyst Dichroic Glass Teapot
Amethyst Dichroic Glass Teapot
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Amethyst Dichroic Glass Teapot

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Non-functional but stunning!

This hand blown glass teapot features hand formed cane and dichroic glass in white, lime green, gold and blue swirling around it's amethyst hued body. The lid and base are blue with the spout and top of lid graced with a clear red. Spout and handle are lime green textured glass.

Approx 11" high x 10" wide and 3" deep

Perfect treasure to display for a tea lover!

 Cane refers to rods of glass with color; these rods can be simple, containing a single color, or they can be complex and contain strands of one or several colors to use in creating intricate, often spiral, patterns and stripes for vessels or other blown glass objects.

 Dichroic refers to layers of glass and micro-layers of metals or oxides which give the glass shifting colors depending on the angle of view, causing an array of colors to be displayed as an example of thin film optics. 




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