Black Rayon Boucle Ruana
Woven Works by Rita Winter

Black Rayon Boucle Ruana

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This is a ruana: a garment with a lovely, fluid movement and a perfect weight so that when draped up on the shoulder it sits well and stays! 
There are a few ways you can wear them making it diverse and great for any outfit. 
You may be asking….what is a ruana? Great question!
Ruanas are a poncho-style outer garment typical of the Andes region of Venezuela and Colombia. The word comes from the Chibcha language meaning "Land of Blankets," used to refer to the woolen fabrics manufactured by the Muisca natives.
Similar to other poncho-like garments in Latin America, a ruana is basically a very soft and sleeveless square or rectangular blanket with an opening in the center for the head to go through with a slit down the front to the hem. It is a basic but very flattering design on every body type.
 100%  Black rayon boucle, with a nice weight and feel and a delicate gold accent ribbon.

Perfect on a chilly summer’s eve and great for layering in the fall and winter. 
No dry cleaning necessary. Simply machine wash, gentle cycle in cool water and lay flat or line dry.

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