Gold & Blue Mezuzah
Glass Designs by Daryl Cohen

Gold & Blue Mezuzah

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Now Available! Shop Now at MyAmericanCrafts for this contemporary "Gold & Blue Mezuzah" by Glass Designs by Daryl Cohen.

Beautifully crafted of multicolored dichroic glass, each mezuzah is a unique blend of blue and gold accented with an array of complementing shades. 

Wonderful housewarming, wedding, or Hanukah gift.

 The mezuzah case comes boxed with an artists statement and definition of the mezuzah as well as self-adhesive tapes and places for screws. It does not include the scroll. 

The term mezuzah means “doorpost” in Hebrew and refers to a scroll with verses of the Torah which is placed in the case and attached to a doorpost outside a Jewish home.  Normally, the container is attached to the doorpost on the right of the entrance and sometimes one may even be attached to doorposts outside of rooms in a home.

Dichroic means two colors and refers to the reflected and transmitted rainbow of colors.   Layers of metal oxides are applied to fusible glass and placed in a vacuum chamber. Large sheets of glass are created this way and the artist cuts, arranges, layers, and fuses the glass. 

Your mezuzah will be similar to the one pictured; no two are ever the same. Your mezuzah will be one-of-a-kind! 

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