Cosmic  Box
Cosmic  Box
Cosmic  Box
Cosmic  Box
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Cosmic Box

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   The Cosmic Box is inspired by the yearning of Humankind to understand the Cosmic order and  deals with universal images and fundamental concepts.

The sun and moon have come to symbolize the primary earth cycle, as well as
 many other celestial cycles that are also considered of mystical importance.
Duality is another basic property of all things: (Day and Night, good and evil, life and death, male and female…).
This is the nemeses of the mortal soul, pulled in both directions on every issue. Time is the third conceptual enigma.
It takes on different properties from every perspective and is simultaneous for all.
The Cosmic Box refers to these three ideas through the use of images and form.
Diametric symbols lie back to back and side by side. Life and death lie on the perimeter.
The ram and the fish have a long heritage in religious history.
The owl is a recurrent mystic in Native American and Greek mythology.
It sees where others cannot and is associated with celestial thinking and spiritual wisdom.
The dragon is a universal creature with mythical kinship.
The circular chamber of the box rests upon five pillars, three sectors, and a central orb.
The core depicts the firmament itself; where matter, energy, and spirit gather and spin the cycle of genesis.

Story from Dan Riccio himself

Lost wax casting involving carving an image in wax, creating a mold with steel and plaster. Heating the mold in a furnace causes the wax to melt and run out-therefore "lost" The empty cavity is filled with molten metal.  After cooling, the mold is cut away and the object polished.

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