Great  Mystic Heron, Blush
Whitfield Designs

Great Mystic Heron, Blush

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Now Available! Shop Now at MyAmericanCrafts for this nature-inspired art glass sculpture, Great Mystic Heron ,Blush by Whitfield Designs.

Watery, lime green reeds, some tipped with hot pink, wave around a soft, blush pink Great Heron ,hand crafted glass sculpture by Whitfield Designs. Inspired by the artist's love of Florida and the Caribbean, this teal glass heron sculpture wanders among transparent turquoise, blue and gray glass reeds and marsh grasses. 

Warner Whitfield and Beatriz Kelemen meticulously design and create each piece using the elements of fire and glass to form timeless works of art inspired by nature.

Their designs are influenced by diving in the shallow clear waters of Florida and the Caribbean. Combined with dance instructing careers many designs and compositions, particularly those involving the Latticino technique, are reminiscent in feeling of underwater coral reefs and the rhythm of the dance. 

All sculptures are Hand Made and created entirely by the artists, sculpted from solid molten glass created without the aid of molds or forms

Mounted on a hand painted black wood base this graceful bird is 25″H, 10″W, 7″D 

Sculpture is disassembled for ease and safety in shipping. Easy reassembly guaranteed.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

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