Landscape Vase
Landscape Vase
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Landscape Vase

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This glass vase is inspired by the flower and vegetable gardens at the home of the artist. It is her "garden of glass" where you do not have to weed or water, and everything grows perfectly. If you get tired of the view, just turn the piece to find something new!"  The details and colors of flowers have always intrigued her, along with the amazement of watching something grow. 

The vase begins by creating a colorful glass cane with an interior shaped like a flower. The cane is then sliced into small cross-sections known as murrini. The murrini are arranged into floral compositions, heated, and then picked up with the blowpipe on a background of layered glass powders and chips. After the murrini are fused to the surface, a layer of clear glass is added and the piece is blown into its final shape. 

Brilliant red, yellow, blue, green, white, pink, and turquoise flowers dance across this magnificent glass landscape.

A truly special gift for a lover of flowers and nature.

Stands approx 9" tall and is approx 5-6" at its widest point

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