"Caribbean Blue"Tropical Glass Bowl
Ed Branson Glass

"Caribbean Blue"Tropical Glass Bowl

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Now Available! Shop Now at MyAmericanCrafts for this contemporary yet organic art glass "Caribbean  Blue" Tropical Glass Bowl by Ed Branson Glass.

  Stunning as a centerpiece for table or console, this hand blown glass bowl features shades of the Caribbean; turquoise and multiple shades of blue opening like a tropical flower supported by cobalt hued fronds of glass.

 Ed Branson, whose designs in hand blown glass are distinguished by elegant, fluid shapes and jewel-like colors.

Working alone, without the help of assistants, Branson creates one of a kind vessels.

“In my work I try to combine the most precise glassblowing skills with the freedom of motion of hot liquid glass, which I achieve by dipping, dripping and pouring”.

Many of his pieces are done in a single transparent color, which is then cased over with clear crystal for added depth and brilliance. By manipulating the glass while it is hot, he is able to create graceful, organic shapes that mirror natural forms.

Approx 25" long x 18" wide x 10" tall

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