White Passover/Seder Plate
Glass Designs by Daryl Cohen

White Passover/Seder Plate

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Now Available! Shop Now at MyAmericanCrafts for this beautiful "White Passover/Seder Plate" by Glass Designs by Daryl Cohen.

Striking Seder Plate in fused white glass and dichroic glass bar design. Gold Hebrew letters. Dramatic and contemporary; a striking centerpiece for your holiday celebrations.

  Clear glass cups included for the traditional hard-boiled egg; roasted shank bone; spring vegetable such as parsley, called karpas;  mixture of fruit, wine, and nuts, called charoset; and either prepared or fresh horseradish, called maror..

Dichroic glass, meaning two colors was originally developed by the aerospace industry. Dichroic also refers to the reflected and transmitted rainbow of colors.  Layers of metal oxides are applied to fusible glass and placed in a vacuum chamber. Large sheets of glass are created this way and the artist cuts, arranges, layers, and fuses the glass. The glass is placed in a kiln heated to temperatures as high as 1500 degrees.  After firing, the glass is then annealed, removed from the kiln and additional layers may be added.

Each seder plate  will have a  color mixture of dichroic glass; no two are ever the same. 

 Measures 11' in Diameter

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