Pink Parfait Pearl Bracelet
Holly Yashi

Pink Parfait Pearl Bracelet

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Now Available! Shop Now at MyAmericanCrafts for delicate-hued Pink Parfait Classic Pearl Bracelet by Holly Yashi.

Lovely soft shades of pink, mauve, grey Swarovski Pearls and iridescent crystals.

Swarovski’s crystal pearls are coated with real nacre—the same substance found in natural pearls—so they have the weight, luster, and feel of real pearls but for a fraction of the price. Because of this natural coating, Swarovski pearls change to reflect the temperature of the wearer’s skin, just as real pearls do.

Unlike other, lesser quality imitation pearls, the finishing on Swarovski pearls is not susceptible to damage caused by perfumes, lotion, or perspiration, and the pearls themselves are resistant to scratches.

Gold overlay clasp.

Adjusts from 7 1/2 - 8 1/2inches long.

Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery

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