World Time Clock
World Time Clock
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World Time Clock

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Now Available! Shop Now at MyAmericanCrafts this intriguing "World Time" by Clever Clocks.

This large clock simultaneously shows the time in every country in the world. The clockface displays 138 locations around the World, separated by color. The blue disk is the hour hand with 24 hours matched to 24 time zones. the white hand is the minute hand, the black and white hand indicates the seconds. The dark ring represents the calibrations of minutes and seconds.

The clock comes with a list of all 208 countries assigning them letters from A-Z. These appear on the outer border of the clock. A New Day starts in timezone A.

A high-quality quartz battery runs this 24-hour continuous sweep clock.

World Time is powered by a high torque quartz motor running on a AA cell battery. It runs silently and continuously with the second-hand revolving noiselessly around the colorful face.

Completely handmade, using archival inks for the face and hand-cut, lacquered wood for the case.

Handcrafted, contemporary in style, and fascinating to watch, these clocks introduce us to a whole new way to view time. A Clever Clock is a functional timepiece but is a unique work of art, as well. One that intrigues the viewer and makes checking the time a bit more interesting. Watching a Clever Clock, you will notice by the smooth, gliding movement of its second and minute hands. There is no "tick-tock"; a Clever Clock is silent, allowing you to visually enjoy the clock's striking images. The continuous flow of time is personified in a Clever Clock, quiet, and always moving forward.

Available in three sizes.

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