Rainbow Cane Embrace Glass Sculpture
Infinity Art Glass

Rainbow Cane Embrace Glass Sculpture

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Rainbow Cane Embrace Now available online at myamericancrafts.com by Infinity Art glass

Brilliant red, green, yellow, cobalt, orange, pink, purple and lime shades of glass twist and wind throughout this stunning handblown glass table top sculpture.

This is "Cane Embrace with a Twist"; a striking, prismatic work of art in glass for you to self-indulge or bestow on a lucky someone.

Created with the ancient technique of "pulling cane" - stretching glass rods composed of a variety of colors and patterns. The glass artist hand makes each length of cane, combining a myriad of hues and designs. The  glass cane is then cooled and is ready to add it's unique look to a sculpture in progress. Glass canes with vivid color combinations, exquisite designs and crisp lines add a dynamic effect to each creation.

Rows of shimmering bubbles dance through the clear glass edges adding an exuberant effect.

This sculpture is composed of two separate pieces of glass for you to intertwine as you like. You may choose a Twist that curls downward or upwards (as shown). An upward Twist adds 4-6" in height.

Small Embrace with downward Twist measures 9-12" high

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery

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