Exotic Sands

Exotic Sands by William Tabar

First there was sand and water...then William Tabar invented Exotic Sands, a studio that specializes in making handcrafted sand art designs  Exotic Sands combine time, gravity, matter and motion. The result are images forming changeable, fascinating works of art.  Exotic Sands morph into mountains and glaciers, lakes and oceans, deserts, and beaches. Soothing the psyche stimulating the imagination. 

Sand pictures by Exotic Sands showcase beautiful colored sands from around the world. Black from the African coast, white from Caribbean beaches, green from South America. 

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The History of Exotic Sands

Exotic Sands began in 1985 in Salt Lake City. In the late 80s, Exotic Sands' sand pictures were the hottest selling handcrafted gifts in America.  In 1993, William stepped back from the business to explore other ventures with Lava Lights. (A 60s phenomenon making a comeback). Twenty years later, he resumed Exotic Sands in Park City, Utah.  he product was new and improved and continues to please and fascinate millions of all ages.

Quality is essential to artist William Tabar. As the designer and original patent holder of the sand picture, perfection is the goal! The liquid solution, air bubbles, and sand combinations are unique to Exotic Sands. And the framing makes Exotic Sands the ultimate sand picture studio in the world. Bill and his studio assistants intend to continue that tradition!

William Tabar's Upbringing

William Tabar grew up in Boulder, CO. He settled in Park City, Utah, an area that continues to inspire his art. On his eighth birthday, his Mom gave him a dry sand picture called The Magic Window. Assembling and dismantling it countless times fascinated him. Inventing new ways of doing things started early with Bill. A famous quote of his was "Me and My inventions." 

One day he looked at another Magic Window from his Mother, which inspired Bill to take a second look at its mechanics.  Using native Utah sand, wood, and water, he crafted his first fluid living picture. The results caused Bill to make four versions with a variety of wood frames. He entered a craft show in 1985, and Exotic Sands was a big hit! Exotic Sands, patented in 1987, Bill's invention is one of the #1 handcrafted gifts in America. 

This Deep Sea Sand Art Uses High-Quality Materials.

These high-quality fun creations combine time, gravity, liquid, and matter. Exotic Sands art frames are colorful works of art to enjoy in any home, office, or to give as a gift.  

Each sand picture contains pristine sands sourced from around the world. Black sand from the West African Coast and white powder sand from the shores of the Caribbean. Emerald green sand from coastal South America.  And pink coral sand from Southern Utah; the studio location. The liquid used in the pictures is a guarded, non-toxic trade secret solution.

This Art Changes Every Time you Flip it Over.

Flip it and watch the sand start to fall and drift, forming beautiful land or seascape images. You'll see what appears to be mountains, valleys, seacoasts, lakes, deserts, and beaches. Each time you turn or spin this sand art, you will see a unique design.  No sand image repeats, so no two images are the same. 

Air bubbles introduced into the mix of sand, liquid, and glitter determine where the sand flows and how fast.

 Black sand is more substantial than the white sand, so the two don't mix in the sand image. Other sands are transparent or opaque. This creates a cool 3-D effect. The magical landscapes can take minutes to several hours to form. The tiny air bubbles support the different weights of pristine sand, doing their part in shaping the sand pictures.

Exotic Sand Offers Several Framing and Stand Options

There are several options for frame choices that range from wood to black and silver-tone metal. The original is alder wood with its vibrant color and subtle grain. The contrast between this wood and the color of the sand art is appealing. A cherry wood frame is striking with the "Summer Turquoise" in the round frame version. Square and rectangular frames are available along with large round frames of cherry on stands. All styles include a swiveling pedestal. The glass holding the beautiful sands and liquid is double strength. You can turn your sand art many times with confidence. The unique high styled frames will adapt to the decor in any home. 

Gift Ideas from My American Crafts

You couldn't find a more unique handcrafted gift! Super well crafted and Made in America. We sell many Exotic Sands as desk sand art. For a modern office space, "Arctic Glacier Clear" in a sleek black metal frame. Or "Red Volcanic Clear" in a rectangular silver frame. A more traditional choice is "Summer Turquoise " in a square frame of subtle Alder wood. "Ocean Blue" is beautiful in a large round cherry wood frame as well.

Many people find the viewing of Exotic Sands quite relaxing. They are fascinating distractions in the waiting rooms of doctors and dentists! Children love to turn the sand art over and over. They are exploring each land or seascape that appears. We have sold quite a number to senior citizens as well. They love the beauty and changeable images that appear. A welcome alternative to staring at the T.V.! College students appreciate Exotic Sands as a restful break from studying.