Mindy Sand Studios

About Mindy Sand Studios

Mindy Sand Studios produces hand-painted glassware that is both beautiful and useful. Simple lines and patterns with an up-to-date twist adorn beverage glasses and bowls.  Durable for everyday use and beautiful enough for fine dining. Wonderful for gifting and nice for self-indulgence. Lines, dots, and squiggles in multiple colors are a trademark of Mindy's work. Perfect for your modern home bar and table.

Mindy grew up in Toledo, Ohio, " The Glass Capital of the World". She spent many Saturdays taking art classes at the Toledo Museum of Art.  At Ohio State, she got a degree in art education. Mindy taught high school art for 9 years in Ohio. She continued art education at Oregon College of Arts & Crafts and Kent State. At the Ohio Art Education Conference, she discovered glass paint.  With her students, she tried the art of glass painting. She made colorful glassware and sold it in the teacher's lounge. Mindy became hooked and has been making glass since then!

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Mindy's Inspiration

The simplicity of lines, shapes, patterns, and designs define Mindy's work. Great artists of the 20th century; Frank Lloyd Wright and Mondrian influenced Mindy.  Her use of geometric shapes, primary colors with black, gray, and white contrast echo that era. 

Her glassware incorporates organic and abstract patterns. Mindy's work has an abstract "Op Art" quality. It is colorful and fun! Everyday objects inspire Mindy as well. As a designer-craftsman, she is drawn to the simplicity of design. And the appearance of handmade elements. 

Her Creative Process

Mindy describes painting on glass "like a watercolor artist painting on a canvas". Each piece is hand painted with glazes in her signature colors and patterns. She uses lines, dots, squiggles, and bands of rainbow colors.

 Choosing the right shade of paint is key as colors will change when dry. Glass must be clean and dry. Mindy employs free hand painting but many people use tape to mark stripes and lines. An assortment of brushes and paint daubers applies the images. Tiny brushes create hundreds of dots Mindy paints.

 When the pattern is complete, drying the paint is next. An oven or kiln, at a low temperature, does the job. The finish becomes permanent. The bowl, martini or shot glass has a playful design and is functional.

Best Selling Painted Glassware 

Mindy's glassware is all colorful and useful but some are popular standouts.

For instance; the Rainbow Bubble Champagne flutes. The Line Dot pattern, in bright colors, has black and white accents. At an exuberant, 10" tall, they are perfect for any celebration. Imagine the bride and groom raising these in a toast! The design, fired onto the glass is stable and lasts many years with care.

Martini glasses conjure up happy gatherings and Mindy's are special. Perfect to hold your favorite Martini, Gimlet or Manhattan! Two styles are available. One has a solid stem with "bubbles", the other has a whimsical, crooked stem. Squares, lines and dots dance on the surface in multiple hues.

The Rocks glass sports a substantial base with your choice of colors in lines & dots. And the shot glasses, in a spectrum of colors, are funky additions to your bar.

For wine lovers, you can choose stemless, crooked stem or classic shapes. All with outrageous color combos. Goblets are traditional wedding gifts. And Mindy's are memorable!

Mindy's hand painted bowls are stunning, in heavy glass, with undulating dots and lines in her signature colors. Outstanding wedding or housewarming gifts!

The Mindy Sand Studios Collection

Available in limited editions. Each piece is hand-painted, signed and dated. Looking for unique giftware, a little out of the ordinary? Mindy Sands Studios will bring a smile to your face. And make every dish taste better...Martinis in particular!