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Lake Art

With a Lake Art map, transport yourself back to the tree-lined oasis you splashed in every summer. 3-D lake contour maps can grace your walls and bring back thoughts of precious days on the lake. Or by the river next to grandma's house or at your uncle's beach house. 

Memories. Refreshing morning swims or drifting along during a warm afternoon. Or the fresh, cool air lulling you to sleep at night. Skinny dipping in that cool mountain stream. Preserve the joy of lake life with a custom lake map depicting your favorite lake. Bring to mind gentle coastal waves lapping beneath the dock.

Lake Art’s maps make it easy to remember a favorite spot on a beautiful lake or coastal area.

You can request your 3-D watery heaven on anything from clocks to journals to framed wall hangings.

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Lake Art and Lake Topography Art

Lake Art Inc. is the original maker of 3D lake contour maps. The studio began in Ft Wayne, Indiana in the early 2000s. Their laser carved lake maps take shape in the town of Harbor Springs, Michigan at present.  All of their custom lake map art is made to order, from scratch! Family owned, operated. And proud to be 100% Made in America wood lake art. With over 6,000 coastal river and lake maps available. And custom orders encouraged!

Why choose Lake Art?

The relief maps are laser cut from Michigan Maple and assembled by hand. Laser machines are a small part of the process. Each map of stream, river, lake or ocean is made to order. 

Lake Art pioneered the first 3D lake maps and has been family owned and operated since early 2000. They employ a staff of graphic designers, laser operators and wood specialists.  They work to create every map with care. Lake Art produces everything from framed art to practical gifts for home, cabin or cottage.  Full time, year round employment for local people with no outsourcing of jobs. Unlike other wood charts made in China, Lake Art sources all USA made parts. 

The Layers of these Lake Maps.

Maps can have up to 8 levels of relief. The number of levels or layers will depend on the shape of the lake or body of water. Narrow lakes will have less space for layers than round ponds. Detailed and realistic with water depths, land contours and beautiful blue water. Three level choices are available for your personalized map. Single level has one level each for water and land. Water depth contours etched only. Multi level products have up to three levels of relief with additional lake contours etched.  And if you choose a 3D map you'll have a striking rendition of your water choice. Towns, road names, state parks, islands and bays are optional.

Personalize with stars marking any location.

Carved Lake Maps - The Process 

Lake Art 3-D carved maps begin with one of nature's exquisite bodies of water. The studio possesses thousands of images.  And welcomes customizing your special lake, river or coastal area. Created for a "bird's eye view" of land contours, each 3-D map recreates water depth as well. Information from studies of the Earth's surface provides the info. The image is laser engraved on wood panels. Several panels stack on top of each other for every lake art map image.

Sanding and buffing of each layer proceeds the adding of beautiful watery blue paint. In a labor intensive step, glue is applied to the out lines of each lake. Or river or sea coast border. Next, comes assembling and sealing the multiple layers. Framing, in a variety of wood provides the finishing touch. Framing options include natural cherry, honey oak and dark espresso oak.  Rich maple burl and black framing is available as well. One of the most popular is rustic "barn wood". To protect this custom lake art the studio builds custom boxes to support each piece.

Custom Lake Maps

 These custom lake maps display surrounding roads, towns, and landmarks. So  let the sweet summer memories flow. You’ll recognize the spot where you and your buddies ate hot dogs and that great pie shop. The fruit and veggie stand or the most amazing ice cream place. Special family holidays, summer gatherings or summer camp. Or a wedding or honeymoon lakeside. All treasured memories.

 Topographical lake art is a wonderful wedding or housewarming gift.

Looking for a Lake Clock? 

Your favorite lakeside getaway appears in detailed, painted birch wood as a three-D map or lake clock. Custom lake clocks look great in your lake cottage or at home. Displaying up to eight water levels of water depth on terraced sheets of wood. Bathymetry is the study of water depth of ocean or lake floors. This information supplies your map with noted depth readings. It may be interesting to find out that that old lake is deeper than you thought! 

You will see how vast lake systems, like the Great Lakes, flow and connect to neighboring states.

Lake Michigan topography art is a good example of laser carved lake maps.

A Lake Art Michigan map remains popular as the state has over 11,00 small and large lakes!

Coastal and Lake Art Serving Trays

A Lake Art serving tray is a welcome housewarming, wedding or a memorable hostess gift. In this one-of-a -kind tray, the contours recess one level below the maple wood "land". Light brown lines trace familiar roads, towns and state lines nearby. It is available with up to 3 levels of relief; the water stained Turquoise blue. Beautiful and useful, the art is under glass, with sealed edges, so it's easy to clean. Crafted of sturdy, handsome cherry wood with ample handles, for ease in serving. Cape Cod, Nantucket Island or the San Juan Islands make stunning 3D map images. Outstanding for a cottage owning friend; while you are at it, buy one for yourself! Sure to bring back happy days by the water.

Custom lake cribbage board

These cribbage boards make great personalized gifts. The 2-person boards are laser etched with area roads and water details. While playing, you'll move the markers around the edges of the lake or bay. The sturdy cherry board has a cork lined section to hold the bronze and aluminum pegs. Pegs included with the carved board. Keep your gang content while waiting out a rainy day. Or until the last person arrives to take that boat ride. Personalized lake maps work well as groomsmen presents as well. Use them to remember your groups' crazy parties down on the shore! Topographical lake art can celebrate a wedding date. Request a star marking the ceremony location. The honeymoon cottage. Or first family vacation home. A fun summer camp stay.

3d Lake wall art brings the outdoors inside.  Lake depth art and custom-made lake maps allow you to share a special body of water. 

Photo Albums and Journals

This laser cut wood lake map studio creates 3d lake engraved photo albums and journals. The wire bound photo albums hold seventy-two 4" x 4" pictures. Black pages and transparent sleeves will show off wedding, vacation, graduation or baby pictures. Lake 3d or ocean, bay or river etched designed covers look great on a desk or coffee table. Show off prized photos of your special water memories. 

Lake depth art is attractive  on journal covers as well. Fifty lined pages fill these wire bound maple journals. They make wonderful guest books for your cottage, cabin or vacation rental! With an endless supply of images you'll be able to pick the perfect one for yourself or to gift.

Wood Lake Maps

Beautiful to look at, educational and memory evoking, these maps stand alone. Enjoy the memories they bring.

Lakes, connect to several neighboring states. The Finger Lakes stretch long “fingers” down the landscape. A small pristine lake in the Adirondacks stands alone in its solitude. San Francisco Bay. All evoke the warm charm of waterside living. Put a star on the cottage location that’s special to you and your family. Or one on the beach house by the shore.

 Over 4,000 lakes and coastal regions are available. Lake Art Canada has hundreds of lakes to choose from. Countries Lake art works with; Aruba, Australia, Bahamas, Cuba, Belize, Bermuda, Bolivia, Brazil, Burundi, Finland, France , The United States...well, you get the idea!

The Gulf of Maine, Puget Sound, Chesapeake Bay. Lake Placid, The Great Salt Lake, Lake Tahoe. Snake River, The Hudson River, The Otselic River.  Saginow Bay, Monteray Bay, Resurrection Bay.

 Or the tiny lake with your family's camp. If you don't find your body of water; the studio will custom create it! 

Display it with pride and pass it along as a treasured keepsake.

Lake Art wall maps are laser cut, hand assembled and framed in shadow frames. Wood frame choices include honey oak, cherry, dark espresso or "rustic".