Tense Watches

About Tense Watches

In 1971 Ken Lau founded Tense Watches, a company that makes high-quality wooden watches. Ken had immigrated from Hong Kong to Vancouver, Canada, and started making clocks from recycled materials. He applied the same idea to his watches, using recycled wood from several places. For instance, the box his watches come in are made from reclaimed Bamboo.

Ken started using recycled materials as early as 1957. This makes him a pioneer in sustainable resources. Wood is an elegant and warm material. Every wood piece is different, even from the same tree. That diversity makes each watch special to the person who buys one. They are always one of a kind. Using a reclaimed wood timepiece makes a statement about the user. Everyone can find a watch that is unique to who they are.

Even though the brand is "Tense Watches", the company is actually about peace and calmness. There is nothing like the serenity of beautiful wood. Knowing your choice makes the world a better place.

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Tense Wooden Watches Are Made From Recycled Wood

This company can take a piece of wood the size of a notebook. Then two watches are created with the one-piece, saving "time" money and resources. It is a great value, finding wood sources in different ways. Scrap wood from logging and small wood from furniture makers is the primary source. This is a great way to make a fine woodworking timepiece.

The best part about wood for a material is how it changes. Wood interacts with the person wearing it and their daily activities.  The natural oils of each person help to change the watch to fit in more ways than one. 

Wood is also naturally hypo-allergenic material. This means that people with allergies and skin conditions can often wear wood without adverse effects. Wood is also lightweight. You don't always feel like something is on your wrist.

This watch company keeps its vision and the need for creating more "time" for planet Earth.

They donate 1 percent of sales to Take Root. This non-profit organization does reforestation that helps small yield farmers. They often help small farms in Central America. Planting trees is the best way to help all of us.

Why Buy Tense Watches at My American Crafts?

The name is for a moment in time: past present or future Tense. These watches have a history. They are very much in the present moment. They are dedicated to a beautiful sustainable future.

1. They Are of the Highest Quality

Each one is made with the finest quality craftsmanship. The woods they use are recycled or reclaimed but are very carefully selected. The watches are available in a variety of hardwoods. Sometimes exotic hardwoods and hardwoods from the Vancouver area. The Company then tests the wood for quality. This is to be sure there are no internal flaws.

All their wood watches have bands that are linked together. Each link is held in place by micro screws. The Company even sends a tiny screwdriver. So the customer can adjust the size of their watch easily. The movements are either Swiss Ronda 6004D or Japanese Miyota type. They are battery-powered watches. All use a standard watch battery that you can easily change yourself. 

2. They Are Hypo-Allergenic

Wood is naturally hypo-allergenic, and the Company never uses harsh chemicals or glues on the outside of the watch. The design and elements make them ideal for people who might have allergies to metal bands. The metal components that might come in contact with the skin are Stainless Steel. It is important to note that Tense has confirmed that rarely some people have wood sensitivity. If you experience a reaction, take the watch off and consult an allergist.

3. They have a great warranty

The watches come with a two-year manufacturer limited warranty. Be sure to register your watch immediately after purchase. Then the rest is easy. Note, these watches are "Splash" resistant, but not waterproof. You cannot immerse them in water. Please do not wear it in the shower or bath.

4. You can get them engraved

You can also get your choice of watch engraved. Please consult your sales representative about available engraving. Engraved watches are not returnable.

Tense Watches make great Gifts

Now you know about this fantastic watch Company. The watches call forth the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. The warmth of the wood used to make them is both elegant and rugged. 

Some of the wood types are Maple, Teak, Sandalwood. Some are Mahogany, Zebrawood, Paduak, Walnut, and more.

They are eco-friendly and different as two pieces of wood can be. There are no two watches the same.

Like people, they are unique and individual. You can get them engraved and ask for custom woods, unique leather bands, and more.

Buying one of our Tense Watches

Buying Tense Watches from us is easy and our customer support is superb. Here are a few quick descriptions of our favorite watches from this great maker.

Men’s Watches

The "Brunswick" is an elegant square timepiece with a leather band. The "Yukon" is made entirely of wood, with a high-quality movement. The "Yukon" comes in more than six wood varieties. The "Northwest" comes in many designs, each with a chronograph movement. There is the "Kootenay," a hexagon-shaped timepiece. Named for the beautiful Kootenay National Park in British Columbia. The "Hudson" and the "Vermont" each look unusual.  "Vermont" is a square design with either leather or wood and a metal band.  "Hudson," a rich multi-layer round watch. Which is available with a leather or a wood and metal band.

Women’s Watches

Tenses women's watches are also beautiful. The "Hampton," "Hampton Two," and the "Leather Hampton" are all simple and simply elegant. The Hampton is available in dozens of varieties. "Delta" and the "Elaho" are all wood bracelet watches. The Delta is a series of triangles of wood. The Elaho is a series of irregular pieces forming a spiral. Both unlike any watch, you have seen before.

Mini Watches

There are "Mini" watches like the Mini Hampton with the all-wood band. There are custom watches like the "Labrador, the" Vermont", and the small "Pacific." Anna and Francis have created Wood and Metal bracelets. All in a series of different woods. Francis also designed a wood and metal band. Made for the two sizes of Apple watches.

These are all carefully crafted watches that are warm and beautiful. They are all eco-friendly, and part of a company that gives back 1 percent to the planet. They are lightweight and comfortable. They are graceful and elegant. Rugged and richly appointed. Each timepiece is a personal creation for each individual.

Tense Watches bring past tense and the beauty of chronographs to the present. The Lau family carries the past and present into the future. They do it with sustainability, craftsmanship, and love. In a digital era, when time waits for no one. Perhaps it is time to let the only thing tense in your life, be a "Tense Watch."