Schlabaugh and Sons

Schlabaugh and Sons Make Clocks, Lamps, & More

Schlabaugh and Sons woodworking studio began in 1981 by Emil Schlabaugh and his sons Mark and John. They are a family-owned woodworking business based in Kalona, Iowa. They crafted cutting boards and serving trays from stair-tread scraps left over from their father's custom-built homes. Neither brother had formal training in woodworking. But they discovered ways to express themselves through the art of woodworking.

Their father got out of the home construction business and formed Schlabaugh & Sons. His solid woodworking knowledge is the rock on which the business thrived. The father-and-sons combined woodworking experience totals over 120 years.

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Schlabaugh and Sons Studio

Their studio has designed handcrafted wooden clocks, lamps, and home accessories for 40 years. In the beginning, John and Mark worked alongside their father, Emil. They craft everything at their studio in Kalona, Iowa. They are best known for their heirloom quality Arts and Crafts style clocks. Like all their products, these clocks have the most beautiful hardwoods and careful artistry.

Exquisite handmade Motowi art tiles are a part of many of their clocks and lamps to beautiful effect. Beautiful and well-made, Schlabaugh clocks and table lamps make a stunning addition to your home or office decor.

Where Their Inspiration Comes From

Inspiration for many Schlabaugh and Sons clocks and lamps comes from The Arts and Crafts Movement. The movement took place in England during the late 19th century. This era includes the Arts and Crafts style and it's derivatives; Prairie, Mission, Greene & Greene, and Craftsman. The revolution in the decorative and fine arts zeroed in on clean, simple lines. It included furniture, architecture, wallpaper, textiles, and home decor.

Schlabaugh and Sons Clocks

A beautiful example of this style is Schlabaugh and Sons clocks. Crafted with quartersawn oak or walnut and inset with exquisite handcrafted art tiles. The studio's teamwork with Motowi Tiles produces clocks like "Woodland Spring" and "Vienna Woods Blue". A Craftsman Oak wood finish is striking with the "Redwood" tile. These clocks feature curved lower arches and wide clock tops. The dials sport the typical Arts and Crafts style numerals.

Schlabaugh and Sons Lamps

Schlaubaugh and Sons are also well known for their lamps. They have several collections to choose from, mainly; Green and Green, Praire, Mission, and Scandinavian Styles. Each collection is explained below. 

1. Greene and Greene Styles

The Greene and Greene Collection from Schlabaugh and Sons includes both clocks and lamps. It was inspired by Greene and Greene, which was an American firm established by the Greene brothers.

2. Prairie Style

The "Prairie School" of architecture is similar to Arts and Crafts style. This style believes a structure should reflect and pay homage to the surrounding environment.
It is the first recognizable American building style. Spaces are intended to be functional, flowing, and open. Nature, artistry, and simplicity, a sense of place with modern aspects are hallmarks. The Prairie style emerged in Chicago around 1900 from the work of a group of young architects. One of these was Frank Lloyd Wright who, in 1893, founded his practice in Oak Park. This was a quiet, semi-rural village on the western edges of Chicago.

The broad, flat landscape of America's Midwest inspired The Prairie School. Schlabaugh and Sons "Prairie" Collection Mantel clocks have beautiful woods like oak and cherry. They boast simple lines, parchment faces, and a choice of handmade insert tiles.

3. Mission Style

The Mission style grew out of the Arts and Crafts-inspired movement. Furniture maker, Gustav Stickley, was a leader in America. His furniture, known by its simplicity of materials and design, shares many elements from Arts and Crafts styles. Mission furniture evokes furnishings in California missions established by the Spanish. It is simple and solid with horizontal and vertical lines and flat panels. The emphasis of the wood grain, like quartersawn oak, is important. You can see the Mission inspiration in the clean lines and use of wood throughout Schlabaugh and Sons collection.

4. Scandinavian Style

Schlabaugh and Sons produce a collection of more modern clocks influenced by the Nordic aesthetic. Simple and clean, in walnut or cherry, these clocks have your choice of tile inserts. 

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