Rebel Designs

About Rebel Designs

Rebel Designs, in the heart of NYC, has a distinct hip and chic vibe. Women of all ages can enjoy a rebel zone of personal style. It is best described as the ultimate "bling" factor combined with an edgy feel. They create hip and chic styles that appeal to both men and women. Their unique men's and woman's accessories encourage style choices. And celebrate the diversity of their customers. Earrings, bracelets, pendants, and rings make up the core of the studios' production. All jewelry is handmade in New York City. Their handbags featuring fine leathers, crystals, and beads have an edgy vibe.

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Gina Riley, Founder & Designer of Rebel Designs

Gina began jewelry making in Park Slope, Brooklyn, at her studio apartment. She created small figurines in the beginning. Some of them had their fists raised, as if in protest. The many sizes, colors, and shapes made her think of rebels. She began to make them into earrings, charm bracelets, necklaces, and brooches. And realized how fun and innovative they were!

A Broadway actor at the time, her brother became her first customer. Cast members of his noticed the fun jewelry and asked to place orders. Gina recognized the potential of her creations at that point. The Rebels' profile grew when she sold at street fairs, art shows, and craft fairs. Rebel Jewelry has been refined by Gina for over a decade. Gina's travels over the years fuel and inspire her creativity.

 In 2002, Rebel became Rebel Designs. Gina expanded the line with additional designs and styles. President and head designer, Gina attends numerous trade shows. She has been at the "Accessories the Show" for over 15 years.

The Inspiration Behind Their Jewelry

The mix of elements creates a unique look in the fashion world. Informed by the energy and vibrancy of New York City, the pieces echo the city itself. Juxtaposing rough and refined, shiny and new with gritty and old. This Manhattan designer uses the city's diverse streets for inspiration. The authentic and local line contrasts earthy with an upscale vibe. It's a fresher version of Modern-Vintage. With a tinge of glittery funk!

The Jewelry of Rebel Designs 

Rebel Designs Jewelry is handmade in New York City. The studio uses Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones, fine leather, and metal to make their unique pieces. 

Rebel Design Jewelry is classy "with an edge". A Modern-Vintage feeling pervades the collection. As many as 600 crystals might be handset in one piece. This jewelry can be dressed up or down. The hand-set crystals and stones with fine leather create a cool vibe for women or men. 

Here is a list of their major collections:

1. Earrings

Rebel Design drop earrings drip with black or clear crystals on spiky tendrils. You'll find stud earrings encrusted with African Turquoise beads. Rebel Design earrings range from large studs, long geometric shapes to multi-level drops. All are lavish with Swarovski or beads.

2. Necklaces

Necklaces can be a long "squiggle", teardrop, or outrageous spiky spider! 

3. Cuffs and Bracelets

Their cuffs come in flexible leather and fasten with antique brass snaps. There are two sets of snaps to ensure a custom fit. The cuffs are sprinkled with crystals or semiprecious stones, which stand out. 

The chunky Italian leather men's cuffs sport antique brass hardware and studs. The textured metal bracelet is one of their most popular items.

4. Handbags

Their handbags are brought to life with an old-fashioned kick press machine. A selection of artisan Italian leathers creates an upscale handcrafted look. Leather is hand cut at the studio for Rebel Design Handbags. The signature use of crystals and stones decorate the bespoke leather handbags. 

Where They Are Located

The Brooklyn Navy Yard is home to Rebel Designs.  A stimulating and diverse area, perfect for inspiration. 

The Brooklyn Navy Yard was America's premier naval shipbuilding facility for 165 years. It launched America’s warships like the USS Monitor, the USS Arizona, and the USS Missouri. Peak activity was during World War II; some 70,000 people worked at the Yard. The Yard was in continuous operation until 1966. It was sold to the City of New York for a multi-use space. Today, the spirit of innovation abounds on the 300-acre site. Business is booming and employment is soaring. And the Yard is undergoing its largest expansion since WWII. You'll find small to mid-size businesses, green industries, and Steiner Studio. Steiner Studio and Brooklyn college founded the nation's first affordable film school. 

Buy One of these Pieces for Someone you Love

Treat someone special to a Triple Oval Drop necklace studded with crystals. Or choose a pair of Flower Drop earrings with black Swarovski "diamonds". Indulge yourself with the Honeycomb cuff or pair of "Quirky" Stick posts earrings. All with a lavish amount of crystals and stones. Handbags crafted from the finest Italian leathers are sure to please. The small wrist clutches are functional yet have the "Cool" factor. Rebel Designs Jewelry make great graduation gifts!