Holly Yashi

Holly Yashi Jewelry

Vibrant, shimmering rainbows of color, shapes, and images inspired by nature, exquisite crystals, and dazzling dichroic glass combine to make Holly Yashi jewelry a worldwide favorite. The use of a magical metal called Niobium is the key to this jewelry's appeal. Niobium's jewel-like colors mix well with this studio's use of botanical images to create stunning earrings, bracelets, and necklaces. Semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals and pearls, and Bohemian glass accent luminous Niobium metal for instantly recognizable jewelry. It's hard to choose among gorgeous autumn-hued etched leaf earrings, a heavenly blue, purple, and turquoise necklace studded with amethysts or colorful butterfly pendants. Designed and handcrafted in California,  this jewelry remains a brilliant example of an artistic American success story.

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Their Origin Story

Both were young and naive, Holly was working three jobs, and Paul had many business ideas but nothing going at the moment. They transformed their one-car garage into a studio for a new business creating jewelry on Paul's suggestion. Holly and Paul combined their talents in art, jewelry making, and industrial technology to design and create hand-cut animal silver and brass earrings. A loyal following encouraged them to continue. They soon discovered that an oxidation process used on a dull, gray metal called Niobium transforms the metals' surface with rich, permanent colors. The rest, as they say, is history!

Holly Yashi Was Inspired by Nature and Sustainability

Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and old-growth Redwood trees, the Holly Yashi Studio is located in Arcata, California. This small town nestles between the redwood forest and the ruggedly beautiful Pacific coastline. It is the perfect place to be inspired by and appreciative of the gifts of nature.

As one of America's most progressive alternative-energy workplaces, this Jeweler is committed to handmade, sustainable, and minimal waste processes. All jewelry is made by hand: one piece at a time. Hand tools and people-powered machines make up 95% of the production. California sunlight streams through the windows of the studio; more natural light is used than light bulbs. Although water is used in Niobium processing, a few quarts of clean, chemical-free water can last months without being replaced. And an aggressive studio-wide recycling system results in a very light carbon footprint. Altogether, a positive, productive, and beautiful environment!

Bohemian Glass Also Inspired Them

Originating in Bohemia, a small Czech region in the 13th century, Bohemian glass captured Holly's imagination. This glass is known for its rich colors, intricate decoration, and delicate characteristics. Holly combines Niobium's striking shades, her timeless designs, and Bohemian glass beads to lovely effect. Holly's long necklaces composed of these gorgeous beads are stunning.

Swarovski Crystals and Pearls are Often Used

To add sparkle and luster to Holly Yashi designs, the studio partnered with Swarovski, the maker of the world's highest quality crystals and pearls. Daniel Swarovski was inspired in 1895 to mimic the Aurora Borealis in his crystals. This magical sparkling effect reflects the dazzling spirit of their jewelry. Their multi-crystal clear and multi-hued necklaces and pendants are incredibly stunning. Swarovski crystal pearls are created with real nacre. This nacre is the same substance found in natural pearls. So, Swarovski pearls have the same weight, luster, and feel of genuine pearls. Plus, they change with the temperature of the wearer's skin. The Classic pearl necklaces and matching earrings from this jeweler feature luminous pearls in a range of soft shades. You will find this collection perfect for your wedding day.

Dichroic Glass Adds That Extra Allure

When looking at dichroic glass, it appears to have more than one color at a time, especially from different angles. It mimics the appearance of rainbow patterns in soap bubbles and dragonfly wings. Holly Yashi jewelry takes advantage of this quality by mixing these changeable dichroic beads with dynamic Niobium designs that are truly spectacular. The Coco Necklace is a bead lover's dream, made up of a dazzling assortment of dichroic glass and European crystal.


Holly Yashi-High Quality Artisan Jewelry

For 39 years, Holly Yashi jewelry has created and maintained a reputation for quality, handcrafted artisan jewelry. With the signature use of colorful, lightweight Niobium, the studio is well known for it's unique and irresistible designs. With the addition of 24k gold and silver overlay to provide the beautiful luster of gold at reasonable prices, they continue to create an array of inspiring jewelry to adorn its many fans.