Wooden Watches

Wooden Watches Could be the Best Timepiece

Beautiful, handcrafted wooden watches combine style and function with eco-friendly lux woods. The best watches for men and women emphasize ease of wear and style. Wood is warm to the touch, lightweight and soothing around your wrist. Wood or leather band watches receive high marks for comfort. Water-resistant bands and works add to the value. Men and women wearing wooden timepieces exhibit a sense of innate style and a reverence for Nature. The best wood watches sport natural woods such as maple, teak, and pau fero.

Why Get a Watch Made From Wood?

Choosing wood for custom wood watches adds an intrinsic quality to an essential everyday object. Wood is warm to the touch and perfect for those with allergies. Wood tends is allergy-free and it is a renewable resource. The use of excess wood from furniture or other building projects is kind to the environment as well. A handcrafted wooden watch draws attention. And the lack of metals on the case equals no hot metal on your wrist on a sizzling summer day! Your skin oils meld into the wood over time, creating a soft patina. One of the most mentioned attributes of men's watches in wood is how light they are. Customers show surprise when holding a large multi-dial men's wood watch at the weight. We see several large metal watches on the market. In comparison, wooden watches are super comfortable. The lightness and feel of wood against your skin is unbeatable.

These wood watches for men and women receive special treatment, rendering them water-resistant. They are not ideal for underwater adventures either in the ocean or shower.

We Carry the Best Wooden Watches

Our collection of handcrafted wood timepieces from Tense Watches offers a wide variety of styles for men and women. Tense Watches emphasize quality artisanal craftsmanship with upcycled wood and innovative design. Exotic and domestic woods plus the option of personalized engraving add to the appeal. Customers also appreciate the sustainable wood sourcing and affordable prices. Imagine your one-of-a-kind watch with all the features you desire. Looking for a special gift? Create a watch with a personalized message just for them.

Wooden Watches-Modern Timepieces

Not just accessories from the past, today's custom wooden watches are different. They seek to connect the beauty of nature with designs of modern appeal. The use of domestic and exotic woods reminds us of the mystery of forests. And the rough-hewn aura of mountains. Metal accents with unique dials and leather and suede bands accent nature's elements.

Watches, in the past, served dual purposes: function and style. While many today opt to go bare-wristed, a watch is one of the most influential fashion accessories. And the perfect way to express yourself.