Custom Cutting Boards

Custom Cutting Boards Make Beautiful and Functional Accessories For Your Kitchen

There is nothing better than having an excellent custom wood cutting board for use in your kitchen. Wooden cutting and serving boards add an organic element to your food preparation and presentation. You can carve and serve meat right at the table, cut-up all your veggies for a healthy salad, and a wood board makes a great fruit and cheese platter for hors d'oeuvres or buffets. They also work as trivets for hot pots and as a base to serve your favorite cake. The natural wood tones bring a feeling of warm hospitality when serving family and friends. Plus, wood is kinder to your precious knives and is notable for antimicrobial properties. 

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What kind of board is best?

When buying a cutting board you want one made from durable hardwoods like larch and walnut. This will ensure the cutting board has a long life. We use cutting boards for slicing, dicing, and chopping, so sturdy long-lasting woods are a must. Luckily, hardwoods come in many different colors and textures so you can get exactly what you are looking for. You can find a wide range of colors and styles in our collection. 

We carry solid, striped, and checkerboard styles that come in a range of wood tones. Engraved and monogrammed boards and custom designs depicting states, the American flag, or animal shapes bring personalization to the table. With the fantastic array of wood and shapes available, you can slice and serve those tomatoes with style! 

What about an engraved cutting board for family or friends?

Imagine a maple or walnut board as a wedding gift with the couple's names and wedding date. Or a housewarming gift of a board with the family name and an image of the house itself. A custom wood board makes a great gift for pretty much any event or celebration. 

Handmade Cutting Boards

Handmade cutting boards really show the beauty of the wood itself. Boards made by Mystic Woodworks, for instance, reflect the coastal beauty of Maine. The wood patterns echo the changing colors of the ocean and the textures of the Maine woods. The warmth, depth, and feel of native forests are yours to enjoy. Their aspen and bass leaf boards bring nature inside as natural servers for veggies, fruit, or cheese.

Mystic cutting boards easily hold steaks, chicken, ham, and an enormous turkey.

Mystic Woodworks Trout board has long been a favorite. And what a great gift for the fisherman that also cooks his catch! 

Monogrammed Cutting Boards Make Great Gifts

Monogrammed boards can personalize a kitchen accessory you use every day. 

Imagine gifting a board to a young chef with their initials etched into the surface. A monogrammed board would be perfect for a particular cooking class or for presenting a new bread receipt.  Celebrate a new business venture, valued client, or real estate sale with a monogrammed board.

Self Indulge with Custom Wood Cutting Boards

Treat yourself to a quality handcrafted wood cutting/serving board like those from Larch Wood. Select from cheese, carving, buffet, and sushi boards. All are composed of thick, self-healing end grain larch. The beautiful patterns of the wood's growth rings have been arranged with great care by talented craftspeople.  Each board is a unique piece of functional art. 

The KI collection is a perfect combination of form and function. These presentation boards offer fans of Japanese cuisine sushi serving boards with striking wooden designs emphasizing Asian aesthetics. This elegant board has enough space to be used at parties as a bread and cheese board. And, of course, it makes a stunning sushi display board.  The KI board, with its striking visual design, is sure to be an eye-catcher at any party.

Herringbone and striped wood boards from Dickinson Woodworking are an excellent example of mixing several kinds of wood. The combination helps with stability and prevents warping in addition to forming a striking pattern. Their Classic boards' sport shapely handles with holes, perfect for decorating the kitchen wall when not in use. The biggest can serve a large pizza!

Artisan Wooden Custom Cutting Boards

We treasure artisan cutting and serving boards; they help us prepare and serve our food. Wood boards display food and beautify our table settings. Cheese, veggies, fruit, bread, and charcuterie are enticing when offered on wood boards. And wood cutting boards kill bacteria. Wood binds up water, which bacteria need to grow. So, wooden cutting boards are not only beautiful but very safe to use!

Wood is a unique natural material with variations in color and texture. Each board is unique; no two are ever the same, making your custom cutting board one-of-a-kind. In contrast to glass, plastic, or marble, wood has a living presence. It is warm to the touch and feels like a natural choice for serving food. Custom cutting boards tend to be composed of locally sourced and sustainably harvested woods.