Founded in 1994, in Long Island City, NY, Watchcraft is the horological studio of artist, Eduardo Milieris. The Watchcraft studio, situated among factories and warehouses, is energized by the life of the city, the raw urban environment at work. All the voices, the people, the cultures, are channeled through Milieris’ hands and understanding of art history to create a truly unique and functional accessory.

Watchcraft timepieces are constructed from naturally oxidized metals that even after being refined by Milieris’ careful artistic process are intentionally not sealed or coated to protect them from the environment. This artistic design choice of Milieris gives the fourth dimension of “time” a chance to continue the artistic process well after the timepiece has been purchased and worn. This subtle facet of Watchcraft timepieces is a form “legacy creativity.” It gives the artwork a life of its own, beyond creator and wearer.