WatchCraft Watches are Quite Unique

One of the original ideas of Watchcraft Watches by Eduardo Milieris was "Don’t Keep Time, Share Time". Each Watch is handmade, painted, signed, and dated by the artist.

Since 1994 these watches have been crafted in Long Island City, NY.  Limited Edition creations made with careful quality. Copper, Silver, Brass, all these metals are part of the design. Eduardo Milieris Watches has a vision of time unlike any other. He holds the voices and the life of the city he lives in. All this comes out through his hands in each watch.

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Eduardo Milieris is the Artist Behind WatchCraft

Eduardo Milieris was born in Montevideo, Uruguay His parents were hardworking believers in the strength of education. They also loved the power of Art. So young Eduardo got to experience art world culture that Uruguay had to share.

Artist Alexander Calder had an exhibit in Montevideo in the late 1960s. This gave Eduardo his longest lasting vision of what art could be. He loved Calders “Sunny Side Up”, and at seven years old he painted his first form of art and turned them into clocks. He painted his shirt sleeves while creating these first clocks and his mother did not appreciate that kind of “art”.

At 13 years old he went to a show of Uruguayan artist Marivi Ugolino led him to take classes from her even though he was very young. At 14 years of age he created a Seconds-Meter Machine. An old enamel face and one second hand beating the “time”.

When he turned 13 his Grandfather wanted to mark his step into adulthood. He was told to find a watch for his Bar Mitzvah. During his quest to find the right watch that reflected the person he was, he realized he loves watches that are different. That is why he creates such unusual watches. Made with metals that will change with the air, the temperature, the moisture, the skin of the wearer. The watch becomes the owner. The Artist loves to distress the metals he uses so that they look like buried treasure.  

To this day his favorite inspiration is still Junk Yards. He says, "What people throw away is great another day". Eduardo would wander cities finding discarded trash, parts of industrial items, car parts, cans and more. He saw everything as an Art Supply and he never needed the traditional materials.

Horology is the science of Time Keeping, and Eduardo is the Wizard changing trash to treasure. Cutting, bending, welding, and engraving to make watches that are magical.

Watchcraft Collection

This beautiful collection was first created in 1994. All of the handcrafted watches are made in very limited editions. He is inspired by bits and pieces of cars, things that fall off the trains, or whatever he recognizes as something old that he can restructure into a unique watch.

Eduardo will pick up broken parts, or pieces of things and take them back to his studio to use in designs. He loves shades of orange and red, different shades of brown. These colors work well with the metals he uses to create his watches. He uses distressed metals like Copper and Steel, Silver and Brass. Hand hammering metal, texturing it with tools, and riveting pieces in place. All to create unusual designs. He hand paints each individual dial, this way no two are ever the same. 

The collection is created with many metal techniques. Welding, engraving, oxidizing, and painting are a few of the skills he uses. All the metals are NOT sealed since WatchCraft wants them to change color and darken as different metals will wear over time.

You Can Buy Your Very Own WatchCraft Watch here at My American Crafts

So many Galleries and Museums love to say. “We are excited to announce that we are now featuring the amazing watches of Eduardo Milieris.” His work is now in more than 400 Locations. His creations appear in more than nine countries.

These watches have a simple design and they are easy to wear. Eduardo uses Japanese Quartz Movements, by Citizen. The watches have a one year warranty. The adjustable links means anyone can wear them. There are timepieces he has made thousands of, and then there are very Limited Collections.

Why We Love WatchCraft

At My American Crafts, we have known the Artist for almost 10 years. In that time we have loved every WatchCraft product he has designed.

Eduardo is always happy to see you. He will offer you a glass of wine and talk about family and friends. He will share a story of his latest find of trash. He will show you the watch that the trash eventually became.

He is happy to be called the King of Watches even though he is really a Wizard. His smile will light up a room in a moment. His frown lets you know he is deep in thought.

Eduardo has shared his love and his life with us. We know that he does this with everyone he meets. Creativity and Love seem to go hand in hand. Just like Art and Family. Just like Time and Love. Art Lasts, Life Is Brief. We would like to add to that. Knowing Mr. Milieris all these years, we feel that Life’s a Gift.