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Drawn Metal Studios

Devin Mack is the founder of Drawn Metal Studios. Featuring unique handcrafted wire sculptures. Artist Devin Mack and associates reside in Baltimore, Maryland. These creations are freestanding and wall sculptures made from a single strand of aluminum, copper, or steel wire. The work has been described as one part sculpture and one part drawing. With a dash of balloon artistry. 

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Begun in 2013, by artist Devin Mack, this studio is an evolution.  His previous business was called Mackwire. They sell their wire sculptures in galleries, zoos and aquariums throughout America. 

Drawn Metal Studios Artisans

Devin works with a small team of artisans in his studio. Strong hands and inventive minds. With everyone's help and ideas they create striking and unusual wire art. Trees, fish, bees, horses and more emerge from the wire. The hands of the artist are central, with a few basic tools as support. Sometimes patterns and designs don't even start on paper.

The measurements are often done by eye. Slinky-like spools of stainless steel and copper wire turn into works of art. A few tools in strong hands. The sculptures are whimsical and intricate with great style.

An Artist is Born

Devin was born in Madison, Wisconsin. Creativity came naturally to a boy born into a family of artists; musicians and teachers. 

As a youngster, Devin was rather fidgety. At school, you could find him perhaps bending paper clips in the rear of the classroom. A native of Southland Hills, he attended Ithaca College, in beautiful Upstate New York. He majored in cinema and photography which is one of Ithaca Colleges Specialties. He started the new century by graduating in 2000.  At college he took a lot of drawing classes with the emphasis on the human figure. As part of a class, he was asked to make a 3-dimensional human figure out of a roll of wire. This was a challenge that was bigger than bending paper clips. His passion for creating sculptures from wire was born.

 A lifetime of creative doodles and drawing led to wire sculpting. Fortunately Devin doesn’t need to be in his studio to make his art. He can make his sculptures anywhere. 

From a barstool to in front of his figure drawing class. Even flying cross country in a cramped coach seat. Some of his best sculptures were born on an airplane!

Devin has advanced from paper clips to wire sculptures ranging from back-scratchers to statues over six-feet tall. He works full-time as an artist and a dad.

The Process of Wire

 First; where does all that wire come from? From wholesale metal vendors, to found wire in the streets to unused electricians wire. Stainless steel, copper or aluminum wire are used  for the sculptures. 

 Traditionally wire is created by a process known as drawing. This is where a heavy chunk of metal is pulled -or drawn- through smaller and smaller dies.  A die is a metal block that is used for forming materials like sheet metal.  The wire becomes thin and malleable and easy to shape. 

 In a similar manner, over many years, Devin's innovative self-taught techniques have been drawn out and refined.

The next part of the process is one part sketching and one part anatomy class. A sculpture begins with the skeleton form which is can be posed.  Each shape is shaped and twisted entirely freehand from a single long wire. Similar to an action figure, a pleasing pose is found. Then details like hair, fingers and tails are added.

A Wonderful Sculpture Collection

Drawn Metal Studios specialize in figurative sculptures of animals, sea life, plants, insects and humans mythical or real.  Heavy aluminum wire is pulled and wrapped creating a running horse, stately moose or graceful giraffe.

Swimming fish, a lovely mermaid or a many armed octopus rises from the water. Squid also swim by. Bees and other insects buzz and flit around.

 Dancers and acrobats appear to pose while twirling and leaping.

Trees with towering leaf crowns and flowing roots and sprightly flowers appear. 

Gladiators strike a pose while fairies perch on a stone. 

Wire chalices, votives and light covers are also available.

Amazing Gifts

Wire sculptures from Drawn Metal Studios make outstanding personalized gifts. 

A small and whimsical bee for someone special, a ballerina for your daughter or a monumental sculpture for Dad’s business or garden. Devin’s innovative wire sculpture collection. Aluminum and Copper wire is durable and beautiful. It is easy to find a Devin Mack