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Our collection of Judaica includes beautiful menorahs in wood, bronze, glass, and copper and colorful dreidels. Choose from an extensive array of Mezuzah to grace your door or give as a gift. Our Tzedakah boxes make thoughtful Bat or Bar Mitzah remembrances. Jewish themed jewelry ranges from Hamsa earrings to Chai, Peace Dove, and Star of David pendants. The Judaica Store at My American Crafts features Seder plates composed of handpainted glass, handworked brass and pewter, and glazed stoneware. One unique seder plate is vertical! Handcrafted in an array of ceramics and metals, this collection will make your holiday celebrations special. 

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Why Jewish Art is important to us

The creation of Jewish art is a way to maintain a connection with Jewish culture and also act as a renewal of the Hebrew language and literature. Jewish artists offer a modern take on centuries-old Jewish rituals and celebrations.

The celebration of Hanukkah, usually in December, is one of the more important holidays of the Jewish calendar. It is celebrated for eight days and is also called the Festival of Lights. Hanukah, (Hebrew for "to dedicate") marks the rededication of the Second Temple of Jerusalem. When the Maccabees recaptured this Temple, after a revolt, there was one vial of undefiled olive oil left in the Temple. This amount was only enough to light the seven lamps of the Temple menorah for a single day. Tradition states miraculously, the lamps kept burning. The holiday is celebrated with the lighting of the menorah and traditional foods, games, and gifts. Chanukiah menorah are nine-branched candle holders. One candle is lit each night for eight nights with the last candle; the "helper" candle kindled on the final night. A menorah is lit in every household, synagogue, and other public places.

"I have a little dreidel; I made it out of clay…"

The dreidel is one of the games traditionally played during the Jewish holiday of Chanukah. Adults recall happy memories of spinning the top in this game of chance and pass this experience on to their children. A dreidel is a four-sided top with the Hebrew letters, Nun, Gimmel, Hey, and Shem. "Nes Gadol Haya Sham" means "A Great Miracle Happened Here."

Dreidels made of wood, ceramic, or metal are popular, in simple styles, or highly decorated. 

The Mezuzah - "A Covenant with God"

The placing of a Mezuzah (Hebrew for 'doorpost) on the doorpost of Jewish homes serves as a reminder; every time you enter or leave, that you have a covenant with God. It is also a symbol of a Jewish household with special rules, rituals, and beliefs. The Mezuzah is a case that holds a hand-lettered scroll with verses from the Torah. It is a traditional wedding, housewarming, Hanukkah or christening gift.

Seder Plates

Seder translates to "order," and the spring Passover ritual blends religious rituals, food, song, and storytelling. Families hold a seder on the first and sometimes the second night of Passover. The Seder plate holds foods symbolic for each aspect of Passover: A roasted shank bone represents the Pescah sacrifice, an egg; spring and the circle of life, bitter herb; the bitterness of slavery, haroset (an applesauce-like mixture with wine, nuts, apples, etc.) the mortar used by the Jews in Egypt, karpas (or greens, often parsley) spring.

We also carry Jewish Jewelry

The pride in being Jewish can be expressed by wearing Judaic jewelry. Modern interpretations include the use of color, invoke nostalgia, the homeland of Israel, and amulets of protection. A few well-known symbols worn are the Star of David, Hamsa, (eye of God, protection), Chai (life), doves (love & peace), and The Tree of Life (flower of life). Also, the pomegranate, a symbol of abundance, whose 613 seeds are said to be the same number of commandments in the Torah. Wearing a red string bracelet is a talisman of Jewish folk custom for protection, welcoming luck, blessing, strength, and spiritual connection.  

Buy Judaica Jewelry that Shines!

One of our gallery's favorites, from "Seeka," is the "Star of David" pendant. This miniature work of art has an intricate, handpainted star design featuring lively colors, Austrian crystals, and beads. "Seeka" creates a lovely "Peace Dove" pendant, carrying a sprig of olive branch in its beak. 

Jewish Men's Jewelry

A unique piece of Jewish themed jewelry is the "Laleph" watch, which has Hebrew numerals engraved around the perimeter of the watch case. Aleph is the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet. A Star of David or Chai pendant in silver or gold appeal to men as a symbol of their faith. 

Judaica Gifts for your Friends and Family

Jewish themed gifts are welcome on important holidays and events in the lives of your family and friends. 

The "Jerusalem Menorah" by Gary Rosenthal depicts sunrise over Jerusalem, the sun's rays shining over the skyline of Jerusalem's iconic buildings. It is a beautiful reminder of the inspiration behind this annual celebration. And a perfect wedding gift! Today there are multitudes of menorah styles for your personal or family menorah. Gio Gio Designs intricately cut bamboo "Lotus" menorah are especially lovely. An elegant hand-cast bronze "Tree of Life" menorah by Scott Nelles will look beautiful displayed on mantle or table. And Scott's "Dancing Rabbi" menorah respectfully adds a note of humor. 

Our gallery carries handcrafted dreidels by several artists. They make special Hanukkah presents. Joy Stembler's dreidels are sleek and contemporary, crafted in textured pewter with laser-cut brass Hebrew letters. Copper and fused art glass dreidels rest in steel and brass stands by Gary Rosenthal. Seeka's artistic dreidels are elegant and intricate, with a laser-cut stainless steel frame, adorned with Swarovski crystals, and sealed with colorful artist's resin.

A handcrafted mezuzah is a welcome housewarming or christening gift.

Our collection from Seeka includes "The Doves of Peace" mezuzah, a miniature work of art. The stainless steel frame holds an intricate design of exuberant colors, hand painting, Austrian crystals, and beads. Amalia Flaisher's "Royal Gold" Mezuzah is handpainted in shimmering gold and silver with a stylized black tree of life.

Bar Mitzvah Gifts

For a young boy's Bar Mitzvah, the idea of charity and giving are encouraged by a Tzedakah box. Gary Rosenthal creates a glass-fronted metal box with the image of a boy reading the Torah. A meaningful gift.

A young lady's Bat Mitzvah gift could be sterling silver jewelry with the Star of David or the Tree of Life. This is a timeless gift she can wear for years to come.