Emilio Robba

About Emilio Robba

Emilio Robba received the title of “The Sculptor of Flowers”. He got this after decorating an airplane entirely out of flowers for the President of the French Republic. It is easy to see why flowers are so important in this craftsman's life. Turning silk into rich beautiful designs. Using photography and flowers to make an elegant picture.

At 76 years of age, Emilio has spent a lifetime in art. Painting, Photography, and Flower Design. You may well know his creations and craft. Available at a company named Fleurissima Inc. in Miami, Florida. There they create silk flowers encased in a glass bowl. These bowls are used alone as a beautiful decoration.

Now, after more than 40 years in floral design, Emilio is known around the world. Starting in Paris he has down flower designs and sculpting across the globe.

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French Luxury Floral Design Company

Mr. Robba did not start life in flowers. He started life in Paris. He was born in January 1944 almost seven months before France was liberated in World War Two. His parents were Italians living in Paris. They were also artists and gave Emilio the things he needed to do art.

Emilio started with the study of color and painting. Learning form and Fine Arts at the Ecole des Beaux Arts. Then the love of nature began to take hold. Flower Design was a vision he could create.

The Emilio Robba Flower Bowl 

The Flower Bowl is an idea from Emilio’s history with nature. When he was very young he watched his Mother turn a handful of flowers into a lovely bouquet. This was one of the first things to inspire him to work with the natural world. 

His unique bowls are made using “Illusion Water”. This is a perfectly clear rubber that is poured into the bowl. This is done upside down with the silk flower in place. When the Illusion Water” sets, the flowers look like they are floating. 

His art is different from other Flower arts. Emilio doesn't buy flowers or grow flowers. He creates Silk Flowers by hand. These flowers are so real they fool the eye.  You would only know when they did not wilt or turn brown.

He recreates Roses, Lotus Flowers, Orchids, and Bird of Paradise. He can hand craft a Cactus complete with one inch-long thorns. As a photographer he takes perfect flower pictures. Then he looks at the pictures to create his “Illusion Flowers”. 

How To Care for the Flower Bowl

Each Flower Bowl is made of Glass. The glass exterior can be easily cleaned with a soft microfiber cloth. If there are fingerprints on the glass clean with a bit of glass cleaner on a soft paper towel. Do not put glass cleaner directly on the glass. 

The Illusion Water is a special rubber. Be careful not to touch this part of the bowl. If there is dust or fingerprints on the clear rubber use scotch tape. Apply the tape gently to the dust or fingerprints and peel gently away. This should make the piece new again.

Emilio Robba Paris 

Famous Fashion Icon Pierre Cardin approached Emilio in 1980. He wanted to create a Retail Store with his most beautiful designs. He also wanted to include many species of flowers. Unusual flowers, rare flowers, all different, all beautiful.

Robba loved the request and immersed himself in creating. His whole idea of illusion flowers came from his experience working with Pierre to create this store. After this Emilio started his own collection. “Flowers of Illusion” was the perfect name. He did not like the phrase Artificial Flowers. To the artist his work was making a whole new world of nature and beauty.

Emilio In Japan

For a time Emilio lived in Japan. He wanted to study Ikebana. The art of Japanese Flower arrangement inspired him. He loved the perfect flower sights. The sculpting that made each piece a wonder. Emilio began to understand that a guiding hand to nature is an art.

It takes great effort and design to create a garden. It takes the same vision to create a bouquet. To this artist putting two worlds together is his creation. Perfect things and imperfect things. Natural and artificial combined. To the artist capturing nature was not enough. He wanted to design nature and illusion. He understood that Nature is not always beautiful.

In the 1990s his talents gained worldwide fame. A large company named Itokin. They gave Emilio a platform to have his collection sold all over the world. This was a wonderful success for the artist. Now Robba could bring his designs to life. With this chance, he worked with many other projects. Creating Rugs and Furniture. Vases and Linens. Emilio even created some women's' clothing and accessories.

Emilio’s Events

With his increased fame and his collections placed all around the world, Emilio started creating events. Since permanent botanicals are what he is known for, Emilio has created a permanent sculpture.

It started with a grand exhibit of Orchids in Paris. The Musee d'Histoire Natural. He followed this by decorating the Airplane of the President of the French Republic.

The National French Train Company launched an exhibition. The Train of Flavors and Health. Emilios Illusion Flowers were on board.

His most recent event was to open his newest Gallery in Miami, Florida. More than 200 guests enjoyed the simple elegance. Emilio celebrated his 15th Anniversary in the Japan Design Market in 2003. He celebrated 30 years as a successful artist in 2009.


So now he is 76 years old. His photography, art, and flower sculptures are available in more than 75 Boutiques and Galleries. He has written an important and useful book. “The Art of Arranging Silk Flowers” is used all over the world. He has an office in Miami. This office is near his newest Shop on North East 2nd Avenue. He has an office in Paris, France.

He has created a great video “Designing with Flowers” Emilio Robba Paris.

The artist's work is for everybody who loves beauty. Emilio sales start at Nine dollars and can be as much as Fifteen Thousand dollars.

He was a simple Art Student. Now his design is share across the globe for everyone to enjoy.