Axiom Glass

Axiom Glass Art

Axiom Glass Art is art glass with an edgy style mixing traditional bowl shapes in rich colors resting on glass "thorns". Stunningly original glass art.

Axiom Glass was started by Andrew Madvin in Detroit, Michigan. With his brother, Axiom creates unique glass art thorn bowls and thorn vessels that have gem-like qualities to their bottom. Each piece is hand blown by Andrew and his team. 

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Andrew Madvin Glass Artist

By high school, Andrew Madvin had already acquired a lot of skills in metal and jewelry classes. His experience landed him a job at Custom Jewelers Studio. Andrew applied his experience and designs and love of creating and soon won National Gold and Silver Scholastic Medals for his Art.

Armed with a Scholarship, Andrew Madvin blasted into the College for Creative Studies in Detroit. Here he left the jewelry design behind him and focused on the study of sculpture.

Andrew's discovery of the medium of Glass Artistry changed everything for him. Being a glass artist was now the goal and the beginning of a long relationship. The fire and soul of hot glass seduced a new glass artist.

Andrew continued growing at the California College of Art. He received a full scholarship to Pilchuck Glass School and found his inspiration in the beauty of Snohomish County, Washington. 

Axiom Glass State of the Art Studio

By the year 2000, at the age of 23, Andrew's experience and ability allowed him to create and open Axiom Glass Studio in Detroit Michigan. Ten thousand square feet of space helped him create a State of the Art Glass Art facility. Now he had a  place for his endless personal creativity.

Andrew has developed and created strong hand-blown glass pieces. His technique and vision has taken him to the International Glass Spotlight and has cemented his place in the Glass Masters of the world. His intense colors and dynamic design is a bold and beautiful approach to glass that is admired by collectors and artisans.

Axiom Glass Thorn Vessel

One of Axiom Glass's most unusual creations is the Thorn Bowl. After blowing a bowl shape in the colorful layered glass, Andrew carefully attaches more than a dozen clear glass feet to the base. This allows the sculpture to be free-standing but still change position. This technique is hard enough to consider and develop just as it is. Now throw in the fact that blown glass is created at 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.

They are also is known for their flower and stone shapes all in beautiful glass. 

Robert Madvin 

Robert Madvin was inspired by his brother and took a similar path. He first attended school at the Detroit College for Creative Studies. Then moved on to the University of Hawaii at Manoa. 

Robert's inspiration is mostly from Nature. His designs focus on natural elements. The beautiful colors, textures, and things he sees in his travels.

While Robert studied in Hawaii he developed a glass series called “Pohaku. It means literally Rock or Stone. To achieve this the Glass Artist piles hand blown pieces of glass on each other in the way the Hawaiians used “rocks” as navigation signs.

The Madvin Brothers Together Make Excellent Glass Art

Robert worked with Andrew to develop their incredible space called Axiom Glass. By definition, an axiom is a statement of truth and for both Andrew and Robert Madvin Glass is the truth.

So now you know the story. Two brothers, both inspired by glass. Their journey together and their journeys alone. Andrew Madvin and Robert Madviin have created a unique place in Artistry. Both of them are Glass Masters. Both of them are in love with creating.