Axiom Glass

Born in 1977, near Detroit Michigan, Andrew Madvin grew up curious with the freedom to explore the outdoors quickly becoming interested in the natural world around him. He displayed a passion for creativity and a clear talent to build. Exposed to the medium of glass there was no doubt it was the beginning of a life long relationship. "The material holds an excitement I can feel. I can see endless possibilities in form, technique and physical attraction waiting to be discovered" The fire and soul of hot glass seduced Andrew at once.



Robert Madvin, introduced to the medium of glass by older brother Andrew, cultivates his work in that same studio space called Axiom Glass. Robert’s primary inspiration derives from nature; his artwork focuses on natural elements, textures, and color that he encounters in his travels and his day to day endeavors. While Robert was studying in Hawaii he developed his most prominent glass sculpture series called Pohaku, meaning “rock” or “stone.” Ancient Hawaiians would stack stones upon one another to create rock sculptures as navigational instruments throughout the islands.