Side Lite Kaleidoscope
Side Lite Kaleidoscope
Side Lite Kaleidoscope

Side Lite Kaleidoscope

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Shop Now! Now Available at MyAmericanCrafts for intriguing wood encased kaleidoscopes with amazing interior, front surface mirror systems, and oil filled object chambers.

Exquisitely cased in either Maple Burl or Bubinga wood with a multi wood inlay, these large, hand held kaleidoscopes are a prime example of what is technically called an "oil scope"

Instead of a traditional revolving wheel with glass fragments or sliced agates, these scopes have an assortment of objects; dichroic glass, beads and other objects in clear oil. The light enters through the sides of one end of the scope. The oil cell contains tiny pieces of highly reflective dichroic glass which, when in motion, catch light, creating the magical much sought after fireworks effect. With all the complexity of a Persian carpet this 3-mirror system creates a central mandala with repeating mandalas in the surround.

As you rotate the scope, you will notice an ethereal, floating motion with the most brilliant, almost physcedelic color explosion; it's as if electric lights were flashing inside!

Also available in Walnut Burl, Cherry  and Pommele.

Black holder included

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