Wild Ride Sculpture
A Little Company

Wild Ride Sculpture

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Now Available! Shop Now at MyAmericanCrafts for this exuberant sculpture; "Wild Ride" by A Little Company. Sometimes she's just called "Wind" but she's exceptional with any of her names.

She's free! Flying on a magic carpet, enjoying the wind in her hair and the "ride" of life. At peace with herself and the world. Great affirmation sculpture for someone in your life or perhaps you!

Hand painted resin cast sculptures from artist's original bronzes. Since the artist sculpts these figures in a non-hardening oil-based clay and the piece is cast, she is able to work for several months on a piece to capture exactly the expression that speaks to her.  Handcrafted by A Little Company.

 Dimensions:  11"H x 7"W x 8"D.

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