Mesquite/Turquoise Cheese Spreader
Mesquite/Turquoise Cheese Spreader
Treestump Woodcrafts

Mesquite/Turquoise Cheese Spreader

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Mesquite wood from the American Southwest is enhanced with turquoise based on an ancient Chinese practice. In the Ming Dynasty, cracks in porcelain were often filled with gold. Today, these wood artists inlay turquoise into the natural cracks and veins of wood with a food-safe epoxy making it safe for everyday use.

The turquoise comes from the Sleeping Beauty mine in Arizona. 

Each Cheese Spreader is completely one of a kind due to the variable nature of the wood.  Handcrafted by Treestump Woodcrafts in Arizona. 

Dimensions: 6 inches in length.

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