Amidst Poppies Pendant
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Amidst Poppies Pendant

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Handcrafted Fused Glass Jewelry using Mineral and Metal Oxides to create beautiful handmade images

Amidst Poppies is part of the VERDANT collection. A great choice for Spring. 

I use thick 4mm transparent glass here, in two layers, painting in between and collaging with metal inclusion. Some of the pendants in this line are one-of-a-kind and some are production -- this is a production design, which means Edo and I make it repeatedly in small batches of 20 or so at a time. Therefore, expect slight variations from what you see in these photos, as every piece is inherently unique.

Dimensions: 0.85" x 1.1"; 22mm x 28mm

Eco Extra! The glass used in this design is up-cycled!

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