Amythest Clamshell Bowl
Callahan Mountain Studios

Amythest Clamshell Bowl

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 Now Available! Shop Now at MyAmericanCrafts for a dramatic Amethyst Clam Shell Bowl by Callahan Mountain Studios.

This art glass hand blown glass bowl by Ron Mynatt would be a stunning table centerpiece.  The emphasis on form and pattern and very intricate use of color and attention to the interaction of transparency, reflectivity, and color sets his work apart.

 “My glass gives me the chance to produce something that people like to bring into their own homes and show off to family and friends. I think it is so cool that people pay me for something that I enjoy doing in the first place.”

Ron makes glass from sand, soda ash, limestone, and a few chemicals, melting them at 2350°F. Colored glass in powdered form from Europe is added to create just the right tones and shades for each piece and pattern. 

Callahan Mountain Studio's hand-blown glass clam shell bowl is approximately 8" high x 17" wide.

This delicate violet, white, and amethyst Hand-blown Glass Bowl is shaped like a Clam-shell, bringing a summery touch of the seaside to your home. 

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