Red Bird & Birch Mug
Jen Stas Pottery

Red Bird & Birch Mug

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Shop Now! Now Available at MyAmericanCrafts a nature inspired Red Bird & Birch Mug handbuilt by ceramic artist Jen Stas.

  This scenic mug is created by carving the image into the clay; this is called sgraffito. The mug is slab built with a folded seam down the back, satin underglaze, and a shiny red glaze for two red birds. Beautiful black and white birches stand against a blue sky with a deeper blue accenting the rim, handle and mug lining.

Jennifer, a full-time potter in Wake Forest, NC., creates a marriage between aesthetics and function, through distinctive use of color and form. Starting with a practical and useful form, the pottery becomes a functional palette for layers of colorants and carving. Finding inspiration in the endless imagery of the mountains and coasts of North Carolina, her pottery reflects it's vibrant colors with the earthy brown of the clay and the contrast of mattes and velvets against shiny and hard surfaces.

The mug measures approx 5" tall x 2.5" wide.

Perfect gift for a bird lover!

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