Black Golden Phase Pendant
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Black Golden Phase Pendant

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Handcrafted Fused Glass Jewelry using Mineral and Metal Oxides to create beautiful handmade images

Part of the GOLDEN PHASE collection, loosely referring to a period of work in Gustav Klimt's career of the same name. The geometric expression of square and rectangular collage merged with the organic complexity of the enamel oxides is certainly reminiscent of Klimt, as well as the Byzantine iconography that inspired his own work.

Each charm includes a gold-fill 14/20 box chain of 16" or 18". Gold-fill is a process in which gold is anodized to the base metal, insuring a higher quality than plating. 

Dimensions: 0.5 " x 0.5" ; 12mm x 12mm

(production design: slight variations from the photographed item are inevitable due to the nature of this work -- each design is hand-painted onto the glass)

Eco Extra! The glass used in this design is up-cycled!

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