Blue Alchemy Platter
Gerald Patterson Glass

Blue Alchemy Platter

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Shop now! Now Available at MyAmericanCrafts this striking  "Blue Alchemy" Glass Platter by Gerald Patterson.

A stunning table centerpiece or wall-mounted sculpture, this large glass platter is strikingly colored with rich, swirling shades of cobalt, pale blue, gold, and pale yellow accented with a touch of green from the blending of blue and yellow. 

The process begins by gathering molten (2000 degrees Fahrenheit) glass from a furnace onto a blowpipe. After the glass is set and the colors have been added and manipulated, a bubble is blown into the glass. The bubble is then coaxed into the desired form using a variety of tools (jacks, paddles, wet newspaper).  Two or more bubbles may be used and fused together in a process known as Incalmo. The finished piece is then placed into an annealing oven where it cools slowly at a controlled rate.

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