Two Wishes "Volcano Red" Wish Keeper
Matthew Lovein Raku

Two Wishes "Volcano Red" Wish Keeper

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Matthew Lovein’s signature piece, called the Wish Keeper™ is his original design and concept which first began in 1992.   The artist's wife, Mary explained, “He woke me in the night and said, ‘I’m going to make a Wish Keeper™. I’ve seen it in a dream’.”  The dream showed the vessel which sits on a distinctive base and has a lid formed like bamboo, representing strength and flexibility. When lifting the lid a silk cord is revealed with an inner chamber that holds a parchment with your written wish. 

Brilliant "Hot Lava" Volcano Red" glaze colors this tall Wish Keeper with a multicolored highlighted seal and sculpted Black Bamboo top.

The ancient symbol on the seal represents good fortune and abundance.  When he first saw the symbol on the finial of a lamp, he knew it was the one that would become the Wish Keeper’s seal.  Each piece is sealed by pressing the carved symbol into the wet clay, for a lifetime of good wishes. 

Lift the lid of this jar and you will find two ceramic cylinders into which you can insert parchments with your dearest wishes.

22" High X 8.75" Wide

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