Dragon Box
Dragon Box
Riccio Artifacts

Dragon Box

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Shop Now! Now Available at MyAmericanCrafts this mysterious Dragon Box by Riccio Artifacts.

The Dragon Box in lost wax cast bronze. 

This dragon is actually quite long, but when sleeping it is all
curled up and closed so you don’t recognize it. The dragon here is waking up and beginning to
unravel. It has the usual attitude, which is even more evident when you open the lid to see its
inner ferocity in the form of a gaping mouth with big teeth. A teeny dragon is nested inside and
can be removed.

Dragon is 2" tall.

Lost wax casting involving carving an image in wax, creating a mold with steel and plaster. Heating the mold in a furnace causes the wax to melt and run out-therefore "lost" The empty cavity is filled with molten metal.  After cooling, the mold is cut away and the object polished.

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