"Mae & Malaika" Sculpture
A Little Company

"Mae & Malaika" Sculpture

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Now Available! Shop Now at MyAmericanCrafts for this evocative "Grandmother" window sculpture by A Little Company.

Also titled "the Caregiver", Malaika and Mae, demonstrate the tradition of plaiting--the child obediently obligating, terribly bored, while the relative or friend carries on to pass the time--a charming and delightful real moment in time, perfectly captured.

Composed of hand painted resin, cast from the artist's original bronze sculptures. Every detail of the faces and clothes is faithfully rendered.

Great for a kitchen or dining room wall!

Pairs wonderfully with our other seated collection .

 Portraying "the laugh, the joy of living and the diversity" of people in  their communities.

12" tall x 8" wide


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