Midnight Blue Plaza Ring
Midnight Blue Plaza Ring
Midnight Blue Plaza Ring
Beautiful Handcrafted Jewelry with a Lifetime Warranty!

Midnight Blue Plaza Ring

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Now Available! Shop Now at MyAmericanCrafts for this heavenly handcrafted Midnight Blue Plaza Ring.

Midnight Blue evokes the calm that comes from a velvety night sky.
Look inward with this deep, vivid blue gemstone to set intentions and start new rituals with a refreshed state of mind.

The Plaza Ring features architectural lines punctuated by a substantial 15mm cushion-cut  brilliant man-made Midnight Blue gemstone. Despite its modern, statement-making size, the ring remains easy to wear thanks to its refined setting and tapered back with open sides.  Comfortable to wear by day with jeans and a blouse to elevate your look. Serves as a beautiful addition to evening wear and worn time and again as a red-carpet staple.

Add a mini Plaza in similar or contrasting hues.

  Expertly handcrafted with the studios signature brushed 22k gold finish over high-quality brass. 

These man-made gemstones are a highly durable alternative to semi-precious stones. With a lower environmental impact than naturally mined gemstones, synthetic stones are equally beautiful and radiant, offering impeccable color consistency and a wider variety of hues. 
Stone measures 15 mm.

Available in whole sizes 5-9

Lifetime Warranty: this jewelry is designed and handcrafted to last a lifetime.

 Committed to ensuring the quality of each piece repair or refurbishment  are free of charge. 

The lifetime warranty covers the normal wear and tear of a well-loved item, including any fading that may occur over time, as well as manufacturing defects. Mistreatment of the item is not covered, such as improper use or storage of the product, lost items, or damages caused by accident.

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