MoonGlow Waning Gibbous  Necklace
MoonGlow Waning Gibbous  Necklace
MoonGlow Waning Gibbous  Necklace
MoonGlow Waning Gibbous  Necklace
MoonGlow Jewelry

MoonGlow Waning Gibbous Necklace

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Now Available! Shop Now at MyAmericanCrafts for this Waning Gibbous MoonGlow necklace by MoonGlow Jewelry.

During this 3rd quarter lunar phase, the moon is "waning", meaning the illumination of its surface is decreasing gradually each night.

Those born under this moon are said to be very intuitive and insightful with a boundless imagination. Falling in love selflessly is a trait of Waning Gibbous couples.

This moon is a perfect time to devote to taking care of your physical and emotional well-being. Cleaning out that spare room or reconnecting with someone special will boost your spirits.

MoonGlow Jewelry is a unique type of jewelry that shows the phase of the moon.

The phase occurring on that day, any day, any year is available to set in a pendant, bracelet, or ring. The shimmery "glow" happens after the moon absorbs light during the day and glows an ethereal blue when the sky is dark! 

In the natural world, light is reflected by this silvery, celestial body. Its luminous shimmer has inspired romantic wishes for centuries. Many believe wearing its image can bring you magical dreams. And a crescent moon symbolizes womanhood, intuitiveness, and empowerment for the wearer. The power of the moon pushes and pulls the ocean tides and can dictate the planting season. Lovers have long enjoyed the face of their beloved illuminated by the rays of the silver moon.

There are so many life events to treasure; birthdays, graduation, new job, first grandchild, champion sports team, first date, illness recovery, wedding, and countless others. Celebrate each one!

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