Oak Leaf Wall Frame
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Oak Leaf Wall Frame

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 This rustic  Oak Leaf  is finished and framed  in a natural rust patina.

The leaf is hand-cut and frames are individually formed, no two are exactly alike.  The leaf is hammered slightly to give it a natural shape, then welded to suspended it within the frame. On the back a hidden saw tooth bracket makes mounting easy. Stainless steel pins are added to the back of the frame which  hold the piece away from the wall, creating interesting visual depth as well as adding some protection to wall.

Used indoors, as a wall sculpture, it works well with natural colors and themes.

Outdoors, it can be left year around  and will accent a porch or deck.

Measures 14" X 14"

TIP: Rust is a dynamic finish. If temperature/humidity fluctuates it can flake a bit.  This does not mean it is falling apart, but it can get messy indoors.  To reduce shedding, spray on a couple of light coats of clear lacquer such as Rustoleum to seal it, without adding high gloss.

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