Rain Copper Plate
Studio G7

Rain Copper Plate

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Now Available! Shop Now at MyAmericanCrafts for this striking copper Rain Plate handcrafted by Studio G7.

Streaming shades of iridescent color evoke falling rain on this wall mounted copper plate - a colorful addition to home or office. An intriguing image of rich color that sets a serene mood.

"Flame painting" is a method of causing a piece of copper to change color through applying heat with a torch. Copper goes through a series of color changes when it is heated. Usually these follow the same order but environmental factors can affect the color results. The biggest changes come from changes in humidity; different colors on a rainy day as opposed to a dry sunny day. The metal worker uses a torch to "paint" patterns, lines or images on the surface of the metal using heat to create beautiful iridescent shades. The piece may be cooled or "quenched" then re-heated many times for the desired effect. A clear sealer insures the color will not change over time.

Each plate is unique-no two will ever be the same; but all are beautiful!

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