Revolution Glass Sculpture
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Revolution Glass Sculpture

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 The orbiting of one heavenly body around another, in Astronomy, is called Revolution.  Deeply rooted in science, this one of a kind multi piece glass sculpture is the result of trial and error and countless repetition over many days to produce the prototype. No two of these pieces will ever be alike. A revolution is also a dramatic change in something. 

In this version, three curvy spikes of glass in hot yellow, mango and tangerine are encircled with sleek black glass.

At first, the color pattern appears hand painted but actually this lovely, rosy palette is composed of molten chips of glass. The "brush strokes" are a combination of  glass colors artfully manipulated by the glass artist to create a painterly image with depth and complexity. 

This sculpture is composed of four separate pieces of glass for you to intertwine.

Makes a striking centerpiece at home or office. 

22'-28" Tall

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